This is me

beauty, freedom, empathy

Good at

learning more

attention to details

full immersion

Don’t ask

approximate things

far from my values

for long or last minute


digital and analog media Mac and Windows Adobe and MS Office Social, e-commerce, HTML AutoCAD and GIS

I speak well

Italian, English, Latin


prehistorical archaeology, photogrammetry, French, Spanish, German, Sumerian, Linear B, Egyptian

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My values
Helping you show your uniqueness

Since I was a child, I have been loving to observe. I would watch other children running, playing, expressing themselves. Somehow I didn’t feel as I was part of them, but I enjoyed catching their essence through gazing.

I am now grown up, but I look at the world in the same way, distant yet curious. My way of expressing has though changed. Since 2009 I have been creating photos, videos, graphics and texts to capture the authenticity of inner expression, both creating memories and brand contents, some of which very renown.

When you try to know someone so deeply, you learn to love them for what they are, and to wish everyone could discover their uniqueness. I still find relief in distances, in the beauty of landscapes and cityscapes, and in travels, that are the other constant in my life.

I love to always learn something new, you can never know where your passions will bring. I am interested in conscious business, graphic design, translations, archaeology, trading and so much more. I don’t know yet what to be when I grow up, but I know my life will be filled with light.

What is your unique story? Let’s tell it together!

What I do

Since 2005 I make photo books for companies and individuals, reportages, events, landscapes; I like shooting, less editing.



Since 2009 I have worked in many feature films, documentaries and other audiovisual content as video maker, editor, cinematographer in independent films, operator assistant in big productions and other roles, especially in the camera department.


Graphic, web design, layout

Since 2000 it is my secret passion; I've taken care of graphics and layouts of websites, including e-commerce, logos, newsletters, books, posters, merchandising and much more.


Social media managing

I started in high school 2006 moderating the school forum, I now manage several social pages and their marketing.


Translations and proofreading

Having travelled most of my life; I like learning languages and translating them, even ancient ones and for work; grammar is almost sacred and precision is fundamental in everything.



The inspiration is evanescent but when it comes I like to use it to write articles on historical-archaeological communication, travel and more; I'm getting closer to copywriting and storytelling for companies.

Where I have learned

I'm studying archaeology at the Sapienza University of Rome.

I studied conscious business at the Karmic Business Academy.

I studied filmmaking and direction of photography at the Accademia del Cinema e della Televisione in Cinecittà, the Italian dream factory.

I learned forex and options trading from the legendary MoneySurfers.

I have done many courses and obtained certifications on this and more.

“Very talented freelancer. Excellent at editing images, finding images for social media and another other graphic design work need. Will hire again!” 


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