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Lost myself, found eternity

The pursuit of infinity is as much a part of the human being as the air one breathes. Sometimes one thinks to not care, one basks in normality, one has no desire or courage to take the necessary risks, but deep down knows that it will never be enough. Envy and admiration for those who have succeeded can take on the contours of contempt or idolatry for a condition only conceived in the recesses of the subconscious. A craving for heaven runs through the lungs of those who seek eternity, consuming themselves in an attempt to reach it, paying dearly for the strength to write a different future, immortal in the eyes of passers-by, who for a brief moment raise their heads looking beyond their ordinary life.

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Cluster Photography & Print Fair

19-23 Feb 2020

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The Answer Blows in the Wind: Fragments of a Generation

Book by Gora Devi Valeria Bonazzola

Published by J. Amba Edizioni, 2012

Cover photo by Beatrice Barberis

1968, as that vast upheaval that shook consciences all over the world is generically called, includes many and varied components and initiated an unprecedented libertarian revolution still underway.
Gora Devi, born in Milan, where she graduated in Philosophy at the State University in 1971 with a thesis on Utopia and the New Era, was a revolutionary who actively contributed to the genesis and realization of many of these: the Hippies and the Rainbow Gipsies, the Municipalities, the Student Movement and Lotta Continua, psychiatry and anti-authoritarian pedagogy, the sexual and fashion revolution, and then more decisively undertake its inner revolution, in the awareness that to change the world one must first change deeply if themselves - psychedelic travels and travels to the East, the encounter with the Guru and spiritual communities in India and the West.
Here she tells us from the inside about the birth, growth and evolution of the greatest revolution that humanity has known so far, to create a new world of peace, prosperity and cooperation between people and peoples without distinction of race, caste, sex and religions, in harmony with the earth and the animal brothers, love made concrete: the New Era is already here.


Fotografo, videomaker, graphic designer, content writer

Photographer, videomaker, graphic designer, content writer

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