Venezia Lightroom Presets Pack

Venezia Lightroom Presets Pack

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Show off your artistic skills on Instagram and amaze your followers: with this Adobe Lightroom Mobile preset you can transform your photos to look like a real professional! You can use it both on your smartphone and your computer.

  • How to install it

    Presets are very useful to save time when editing photos. Adobe Lightroom is the most important tool with which you can use them, because it allows you to edit groups of photos simultaneously.

    From mobile: Lightroom

    Install the Lightroom Mobile app for iOS and Android, import photos in .dvg format, tap on the top right button to create a new default to apply to your photos and you're done.

    To apply the preset to your photo, select Defaults from the menu below, choose the preset and click the checkmark: the preset is now applied correctly. Click the Share button at the top to save the photo in an album or share it on social media. 

  • Format


© Beatrice Barberis, autrice delle immagini foto e video. Tutti i diritti di riproduzione sono riservati. / © Beatrice Barberis, author of the photo and video images. All reproduction rights reserved.

Fotografo, videomaker, graphic designer, content writer

Photographer, videomaker, graphic designer, content writer

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