Books and articles

  • Pictures From GraceLand

    A journey into the light

    and in the forms of

    natural and urban landscapes.


  • Rome’s Best

    in a Weekend

    A magical place where history tells itself, full of picturesque people, excellent food, incredible monuments and breathtaking views.

  • Photography Articles

    Photography and videos, archeology and the path of life I am following, a little crazy, full of many different colors, that I'm sharing with you.

  • Archeology Articles

    A gymnasium for fans of archeology, history, anthropology, religions and traditional realities, with a look at current events and geopolitics.

© Beatrice Barberis, autrice delle immagini foto e video. Tutti i diritti di riproduzione sono riservati. / © Beatrice Barberis, author of the photo and video images. All reproduction rights reserved.

Fotografo, videomaker, graphic designer, content writer

Photographer, videomaker, graphic designer, content writer

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